Supported Employment

Through a specialized job training approach known as supported employment, people with severe disabilities are working in East Tennessee. Supported employment means ongoing job support so that people with disabilities can find and maintain employment in the competitive labor force.

ACT offers a number of employment options:

  1. Individual Employment funded through Vocational Rehabilitation with temporary Support Staff who will help with initial training and provide on-going follow-up supports.
  2. Individual Employment funded by DIDDS with ongoing support and staff who are on site at least 3 times a week up to every day supporting individuals at work in their community.
  3. Group Work (up to 5) with permanent Support/Supervisory Staff who will assist with the paperwork necessary for ACT to generate payroll based on piece rate.

What kinds of work are Supported employees doing?

The range of occupations and job types is very broad. There are as many jobs as there are people.

Employment specialists from community agencies work with employers to match prospective employees with jobs that best suit their abilities and preferences.

With training and support, people with severe disabilities are working in the hospitality industry, manufacturing, health care, retail trades, banking, and insurance, to name a few.