Facilitating Equality- each individual receiving services is offered a safe and person-centered environment that will foster inclusion and offer the same rights and opportunities as others in our community. 

  • Empower

    We celebrate and recognize the potential of every individual we support and give them the skills they need to reach their goal.

  • Growth

    We are always innovating and striving to embrace every opportunity to learn and improve services as a company and encouraging personal growth in the individuals we support.

  • Leadership

    ACT has been the leader in facilitating equity, advocating for diversity and inclusion, and innovating and adapting services to meet the needs of the individuals we support.


Our vision is to continue to be a leader in our community for advocation of equity, diversity, inclusion, and to promote an environment that fosters and celebrates individuality, dignity, and independence of the individuals we support. 

Our Partners

Thanks to our community partnerships, we can provide a more meaningful, fulfilled life to the individuals we support.